Postcard Full Series

(50 each of 12 designs = 600 cards)

Authentic, unique and locally produced postcard that features:

  • Stunning Great Sandy Region photography
  • Aboriginal (Butchulla) language and interpretation
  • Artwork by renowned Butchulla artist—Nai Nai Bird
  • Great Sandy Biosphere (UNESCO) endorsement and commitment
  • 10% of RRP amount directed to indigenous-led environmental restoration projects in the Great Sandy Region
  • Recycled paper

In this pack you receive 50 copies of ALL 12 designs

At $408.30 (GST and Postage Incl) for this great pack, you are only paying $0.66 for each card

Dimensions of these cards are :

22cm x 22cm x 5cm

Postage to receive these cards of $12.30 is included in the above price

Price: $408.30

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