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New for 2010

In 2010 Goorie Vision branched out to produce a range of tourism products, check them out in our Store where you can buy Australian Postcards and lots more.

Buy Australian Postcards

Goorie vision is an Indigenous owned and managed business specializing in traditional knowledge recording, film production, photography and multi-media training. Goorie Vision provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians the opportunity to tell their stories in a culturally appropriate manner and in an Indigenous perspective.

Business Objectives:

* To record the stories, history and culture of Indigenous Australia, the world’s oldest living culture, which is being lost at an rapid rate;
* To train communities how to record their own traditional knowledge, culture, history and contemporary life;
* To showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia to the world;
* To produce Indigenous educational resources for the nations’ schools;
* To undertake business using the highest principles of Indigenous protocol and preservation of Indigenous intellectual property rights; and,
* To help non-Indigenous Australia understand the diversity, complexity and richness of Aboriginal culture
* To help non-Indigenous Australia enjoy Aboriginal culture and buy Australian Postcards & Calendars

Buy Australian Postcards & Calendars. Authentic, unique and locally produced gifts or keepsakes that feature:

  • Stunning Great Sandy Region photography
  • Aboriginal (Butchulla) language and interpretation
  • Artwork by renowned Butchulla artist—Nai Nai Bird
  • Great Sandy Biosphere (UNESCO) endorsement and commitment
  • 10% of sale amount directed to indigenous-led environmental restoration projects in the Great Sandy Region
  • Recycled paper
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